Business Summary of Best Buy Co. Inc. Essay

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Summary Best Buy Co., Inc. is a multinational company in the United States and it deals, with consumer electronics, and accounts 19% of the business. The company also operates in Mexico, Puerto Rico, China, and Canada. Some of the subsidiaries of the company include CinemaNow, Geek Squad, Pacific Sales, and Magnolia Audio Video and operates in both Future Shop label, and Best Buy in Canada. Best Buy Co. Inc and its subsidiaries operate more than 1,150 stores internationally and domestically. The company also operates more than 100 “ZoomShops” or Buy Express Automated retail Stores, operated by the Zoom Systems, in both malls and airports in the entire country of the U.S. The company is headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota, U.S (Scott, …show more content…

The currency of India has been falling much recently against the dollar, as the risk adverse global investors start getting worried about the deficits, as efforts are being made by the central bank to stem the slide of the currency. According to Fact Set data, the rupee hit 54.44 against the dollar, in December, 2011. According to the analyst, it is expected that the rupee may continue to weaken further, as Eurozone jitters dovetail with the raising worries on the slow growth rate, fiscal deficits and the current account. The exchange rates risk that is associated with economic, transaction, and translation exposure in Indian market. From the analysis, anticipate the fluctuations that seem to occur in the next 24 months The Balance of Payments in India mainly relies on services exports, remittances and the course capital flows, both foreign direct investments (FDI) and FII. It is very essential that all market participants, such as banks and other intermediaries be provided with the wherewithal so that they can undertake a risk management in a way that is scientific. One of the ways to access domestic, foreign exchange markets is to hedge on the underlying foreign exchange exposures. In addition, the facilities that are available as the booking of forward contracts were included in the domestic forex market in order to evolve and acquire volumes and depth (Sumanth, 2012). Some of the newer hedging instruments have put in place swaps and options in the

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