How Could He Do That Me? My Best Friend?

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How could he do that to me? My best friend, Evan. He betrayed me. Evan and I have known each other since we were 10 now we’re 25. 15 years and he does this. We have a lot of fights but, this draws the line. I drive to his house, my hands shaking with anger as I steer the wheel. I pull up to his house, and I walk up to his door, and ring the doorbell. “Oh, hey. Xavier. Whatcha doin’ here?” he says awkwardly. “Hi Evan, I just wanted to see if you wanted to come over and work on something.” “Of course! Yeah, I’d love to, wait a sec I gotta get my jacket.” “Okay, when you’re ready I’ll be in the car.” Evan thinks we’re going to work on something, I had another thing in mind. Confront him. We get to my house and we head to my shed. I pull up a chair and sit and so does he, we sit in an awkward silence until he says “Look, Xavier, I’m sorry-” “What? You’re sorry? You did what you did on purpose. You’re sorry because you were caught, not because you did it.” “You got it all wrong Xavier. Forgive me. Let it go.” “How could you say that?! You and my fiancee, Anna, were having an affair behind my back, you both betrayed me. For God’s sake Evan, you didn’t even know her!” Evan stands up and throws a punch at me, and it hits me around my jawline. My mouth bleeds. He gets up to leave and I stand in anger and I go to the cupboard and I get duct tape and push him in the chair and tape him down. “Woah! Xavier, stop it. You’re being stupid and immature.” “No! You’re my best
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