How Darwin Has A Profound Effect Beyond The World Of Science

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“Darwin once said we all come from monkeys, but not literally.” This quote was said by Hal in the Malcolm in the Middle episode, “Flashback.” This is one of many examples of how Darwin has had a profound effect beyond the world of science. Through analysis of several elements of pop culture, one can see how their underlying themes are related to Darwin. The impact of Darwin’s principles can be seen in video games, literature, and television.
The relevance of Darwin’s work can be observed in video games. For example, Darwin’s theory of natural selection can be applied to the general gameplay of Pokémon FireRed. Darwin states that individuals with variations best suited for the habitat survive and reproduce. The protagonist in the games
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This type of move inheritance is similar to real life traits can be passed down. In a different example, the Sonic franchise can be analyzed from the developer’s point of view. The first Sonic the Hedgehog game was created in 1991. It was well-received because of its groundbreaking colors, as well as the high-speed nature of the game. The Sega company realized that Sonic appealed to a wide audience, so naturally, future games are going to feature similar characteristics of the original Sonic game. This concept is comparable to Darwin’s idea that a species must survive to pass their traits to the next generation (Darwin, “Foundations” 1). Sega essentially implements elements of the old Sonic games, while at the same time adding new elements to improve the sequels. The theories of natural selection and heredity provide for a scientific viewpoint of the Pokémon and Sonic franchises beyond the entertainment.
Many literary works portray Darwinan principles. In Jeanne Duprau’s The City of Ember, for instance, a group of scientists known as The Builders create an underground city called Ember, which has a generator and supplies for the citizens to survive at least 200 years. This city was intended to protect its inhabitants from impending doom. About 240 years after the creation of this city, the supplies become scarce, and the generator is decaying. It is up to the central characters, Lina and Doon to

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