How Did Ben Franklin Influence America

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Many people throughought history have helped shape America into what it is today. Some of them can be credited for the founding of the USA, while others are for what they gave or changed in it. In both the 17's and 18's Ben Franklin and others had helped influence America. Stories and Articles have been written about these people involving their lives and achievements. Many events in the United States of America were created and changed by Ben Franklin, Harriet Elisibeth Stowe, and Allan Pinkerton.

Few men can be credited with helping found America, one who can was Ben Franklin. According to Samantha Cole, the author of the article "a Founding Father," Ben Franklin was a political idealist and philosopher, which allowed him to 'see' the idea of America. Supporting this idea he made it his goal to use his skills as a diplomat to be the first American ambassador to France, this was crucial to making his vision of the USA reality. By doing this he managed to garner the French's support, and got them to fight alongside America against the …show more content…

Founded by Allan Pinkerton, his goal was to perfect the skill of being a detective, along with expanding its use. Starting out a barrel maker, Allan had found his calling as a detective when he discovered a group of coin counterfeiters. Gaining experience in the police force his skills only grew. According to William Cole Barrett, Allan decided to make the first private detective agency around 1850. Major success for him occured when he heard of a plot to assasinate President Lincoln, he warned the president of the plot and that a riot was staged, thus averting the crisis. According to William Barrett, when Allan died his agencies influence grew even farther, having American, Canadian, and European police forces coming to them for help. Men are however not the only ones who changed America centuries

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