How Did Gatsby Achieve The American Dream

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Ahhh The American Dream, the one entity that most people are reaching out trying to grasp. The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald displays the life of America in the 1920s, “The Roaring Twenties”. The twenties were a time of prosperity for America. The Great Gatsby lived in a time of new cars, expensive parties and as some in the roaring twenties might say it was “spiffy!” The American Dream seems unattainable to some but to others, it is right around the corner. Jay Gatsby had the rags-to-riches story that hits all of us so dear. The Great Gatsby had The American Dream by working hard to get where he was. Everyone has the inner desire to do something great and achieve The American Dream. There are many routes people take in order to get there such as; inheritance, deceit, or working hard for it. It is the ideal that everyone should have the opportunity by working hard to achieve success.
First, The American Dream is not something that you are handed it is something you work for. Some people are born into wealthy families and they do not need to work for success. Jay Gatsby was snidely profiled and they said, "I thought you inherited your money." (Ch 5) People assumed that because of his wealth he was privileged. They were wrong, Gatsby worked for his money even though he may of not always had the best …show more content…

The Great Gatsby worked hard but also did not always follow a moral code. No matter the climb you take in order to reach The American Dream, once you get there you may lose people like Gatsby did. If your actions are fueled by motivation then it will not be as hard to get there. There is no reason for anyone who strives to fail after they have gotten back up and kept working towards the goal of The American Dream. People are going to mess up on the journey but you must keep the motivation in order to work past the struggles such as

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