The Great Gatsby : The Unattainable American Dream

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The Unattainable American Dream “... it is a story about failure and death, an idealistic quest for unworthy goals, and the almost total collapse of the aspirations of nearly all of the principal characters” (Nagel 113). The Great Gatsby is a story that represents people’s unachieved aspirations that lead to a sad existence and ultimately death. They are all trying to attain one thing, the American Dream. The American Dream is almost impossible to attain and that is why a lot of people failed when it came to living out the American Dream. In Fitzgerald’s, “The Great Gatsby”, Gatsby tries to attain the American Dream through Daisy throughout the whole novel but fails and is left heartbroken. All Americans wish to attain the American Dream. It is never easy to accomplish because it demands a lot of hard work. “The American Dream has been popularly defined as the belief that, through hard work and thrift, all Americans can improve their social status and achieve wealth and success” (Noble 19). Americans can work hard to achieve what they want to achieve, such as wealth and social status. Some would say that Gatsby worked very hard to gain his wealth and social status. Others would say it just came to him and he didn’t really have to do anything for it. Even when things are just given to you, you have to be smart and make responsible decisions to attain the American Dream. “In essence, Gatsby is not educated, and in an attempt to win Daisy, he grasps at the most superficial
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