How Did Geography Impact Early Rome And The Republic?

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How did geography impact Early Rome and the Republic?
Geography played an important role throughout Roman history. Rome laid on the plain of Latium in Italy. The Apennines, a mountain range that bisects Italy, didn’t separate the land into different communities that were isolated from each other like those in Greece. Also, Italy had good land for agriculture, which helped them in maintaining a huge population. Rome was close enough to surrounding seas to have access to them, but also far enough away to be protected from pirates. Rome was placed on top of many hills, which made it easy to defend from attackers. Italy was also located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, making it easy for them to take control of the region and be involved in other Mediterranean matters.

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According to legend, Remus and Romulus founded Rome in 753 B.C.E. Rome was then ruled by seven kings, two of which were Etruscans. Historians agree that this was most likely true. The Etruscans were a people who lived to Rome’s north and had a great influence on the Romans. Rome developed into a city under the Etruscans’ influence. The Etruscans built streets, markets, temples, houses, and shops in Rome. But in 509 B.C.E., the monarchy was overthrown and replaced by a republican government. Rome then extended into the valleys between the seven hills it was located on and built the Servian Wall to protect the city.

Analyze the Roman Republic. When the Republic first began, enemies surrounded Rome and constantly fought with them for about a century. Rome defeated these enemies and soon met the Greek people who settled in Italy during the time of vast Greek colonization. The Romans conquered these Greek settlements as well as

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