How Did Industrial Technology Affect The Economy In The 19th Century

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Innovations in industrial technology, foreign commerce, and the midcentury economic boom in the 19th century affected the economy of regions in North America near the beginning of the Civil War.
Industrialization rapidly spread to the other states in Northeast of the U.S. after 1840. Factory production was only concentrated in the textile mills of New English before 1840. These new factories in the Northeast produced sewing machines, shoes, firearms, ready to wear clothing, precision tools, and Iron products for other new technologies as well as railroads. Innovations in technology like the invention by Elias Howe, the sewing machines, took much of the production into the factories and out of homes. The invention of the electric telegraph by Samuel F.B. Morse was successfully demonstrated in 1844. This went hand …show more content…

In the mid-1800s growth in agricultural products and manufactured goods, with both Southern cotton and Western grains, caused a huge growth of imports and exports. During this time, there were other factors that played a role in the expansion of trade in the U.S. The improvements in the design of the ships came just in time to speed gold seekers on their trip to the California fields. Also, shipping firms encouraged trade and travel across the Atlantic Ocean. Between the years 1830 and 1860, the demand for whale oil to light the homes of middle class Americans caused a boom. Then, steamships took place of the clipper ships in the mid-1850s because they had more storage capacity and could be maintained at a lower cost. The federal government expanded U.S. trade by sending Commodore Matthew Perry to Japan. There, he forced that country to open up its ports to trade with Americans. In 1854, Perry made Japan’s government sign a treaty that opened two Japanese ports to the U.S. Innovations in the United States’ markets affected its economy positively and affected various

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