How Did Jay Kill Hae Min Lee

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The Disappearance of Hae Min Lee Opening Statement We believe that Jay is guilty. In the next five minutes we will prove to you that Adnan is in fact innocent and why Jay should be in jail. Adnan was close friends with Jay’s girlfriend Stephanie which is what we believe Jay’s motive was to murder Hae. The court convicted Adnan of the murder with the motive of being jealous of Hae’s new relationship. We argue that the motive of jealousy was what made Jay kill Hae Min Lee. Evidence 1 One piece of evidence that supports this theory is the fact that Jay had Adnan’s phone. During the timeframe of the murder a number of calls were made from Adnan’s phone to different people. All these calls made were only to people that Jay knew himself. Jay was in possession of Adnan’s phone before, during and after the 21 minutes in which Hae was murdered. These calls were all in the area of the murder clearly shown by the cell phone tower map. Phone records show calls to and from Jen, one of Jays best friends from high school, who Adnan had only met once or twice whilst with Jay. It doesn’t add up that Adnan would call Jen more than once, before and after the murder if he didn’t know her. …show more content…

A main point of interest and something that Jay was incredibly inconsistent with, was the location where Adnan supposedly showed Jay the body. In his first interview Jay told the police that Adnan showed him Hae’s body at Edmondson Avenue. However, second interview he said that he saw the body in the Best Buy parking lot. If you were in this position, would you forget the place you saw a dead body? Another detail he repeatedly changed was when Adnan told Jay that he was going to kill Hae. The day changes from the day of the murder to 3 or 4 days earlier. In fact, just about the only consistent event that occurs in all of Jays different retellings of the day Hae was murdered was the ‘come and get me’ call from

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