How Did Mark Cuban Become Successful

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There is nothing more impressive in today’s society than an entrepreneur who has made themselves successful. There are innumerous entrepreneurs out there that inherited money to become successful, but that is not even close to as impressive. People want to support the underdog, the man that takes control of his very own destiny- Mark Cuban is just that. Cuban is undoubtedly one of the most famous entrepreneurs of all time. He is witty, different, and simply outspoken. Cuban is a relentless, self-driven man that stops short of nothing. His net worth of 3 billion dollars is enough to show what he has made for himself. The way Cuban has shaped his success makes him a definite entrepreneurship hero. Cuban grew up in the middle-class with a father supporting his family from the income of working at a car shop. Most people tend to think successful people often have successful family roots, but not Cuban. His first influence to become the business man he is today was from his grandfather. In order to support his family, Cuban’s grandfather was selling merchandise out of an old truck. Although his grandfather was showing what it was like to be an entrepreneur, the income he was making was nothing to brag about. …show more content…

He is an investor for companies that need assistance, but surprisingly he is not on the show to make more money. Instead, he is part of the show since he feels as if it inspires entrepreneurship. An interesting statement on Business Insider claims, “Mark Cuban has repeatedly said the real reason he has stayed in the cast of "Shark Tank" is that he strongly supports the way it inspires people, especially kids, to become entrepreneurs. He likes to call the show "the New Age lemonade stand” (business insider). This shows how humble and different Cuban is. The majority of filthy rich entrepreneurs like Cuban are stuck up and could care less about this type of effect, but Cuban is admirably

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