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  • The DNA of an Entrepreneur: Is There an Entrepreneur Gene?

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    The DNA of an Entrepreneur   Is there an Entrepreneur Gene or an Entrepreneur Chromosome within the DNA of an Entrepreneur?   In humans, there are chromosomes that determine sex and there are genes that determine the color of your eyes. Generically speaking, there are X & Y chromosomes that determine whether you are either male or female suggesting that you either are a female or are not a female.   With genes, there are dominant genes and recessive genes, suggesting that while you

  • The Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur

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    research has been carried in an attempt to define entrepreneurship while more and more people are being encouraged to become entrepreneurs. The following study based on the stream of literature and researches on entrepreneurship focuses on the concept of the entrepreneur and explore his background, his characteristics and the factors that influences entrepreneurship. The Entrepreneur: A definition Gartner (1990), while reviewing the theories of entrepreneurship notes that it is a complex concept with not

  • Civic Entrepreneurs

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    Civic entrepreneurs are helping communities cooperate to compete in the information age coming from all experiences of life and a new gener¬ation of leaders who forge new, powerfully productive connections at the center of business, government, education, and community. These entrepreneurs have much to teach us about building vital and strong economic communities in raging times and in the process, restoring civil so¬ciety from the very roots. They help communities to collaborate, organize and develop

  • Becoming an Entrepreneur

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    Becoming an Entrepreneur Reel Classics Vintage Movies Memorabilia Coordinator: Prof. Anca Mândruleanu Student: Chioibasu Cristina Series A, Group 112 TABLE OF CONTENTS PART I. Theoretical Support What is entrepreneurship? .................................................................... p. 2 Reasons for becoming an entrepreneur .................................................. p.2 Entrepreneurship’s importance .......................................................

  • Repeat Entrepreneurs

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    whether repeat entrepreneurs search for opportunities differently than entrepreneurs who found only one company. Before examining the case for or against this theory, a brief discussion what makes up an entrepreneur opens this paper. From there it moves into a brief discussion of Howard Stevenson and his importance within the field of study of entrepreneurism. Then the focus turns to a case for or against whether repeat entrepreneurs search for opportunities differently than entrepreneurs who found

  • Entrepreneur Characteristics

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    Are You Cut Out to Be a Successful Entrepreneur? ABSTRACT First, there was an interview with a successful entrepreneur. Second, there was a talk on entrepreneurship by a guest speaker, Mr. Azmi Ahmad (the CEO of Skali.com) and later, an "elevator speech" by fellow students on various issues related to entrepreneurship. This collective information and some reading on entrepreneurship journals, books and articles have brought to the idea on writing this paper, towards certain perspective, on successful

  • The Growth Of A Entrepreneur

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    concept to make an advancement within their economy. By definition, a entrepreneur is someone who is willing to take risks or opportunities to launch their own business (SlideShare, 2012). They are willing to accept failure, be creative, but mainly to become a leader (Robinson,2014). On the other hand, there is another form of Entrepreneurship which is called a Intrapreneur. This is where someone who has the same traits as a entrepreneur, however they work within a company in which they do not own

  • Female Entrepreneur

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    6 Success 7 Future 7 Beliefs 7 Section 3: Analysis 8 SME 8 The Entrepreneurs Characteristics 8 Motivational Factors 9 Catalysts 10 Female Entrepreneur 10 Conclusion 11 Reflection 11 References 12 Introduction This report will cover the key issues faced by Edinburgh entrepreneur Roz Colthart of

  • Who Is An Entrepreneur?

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    Among the FAQ I often get is what is an entrepreneur? Though, I get peppered with it, but the most widely recognized subject keeps running along the associated words: "How can I do what you do? How do I become an entrepreneur? Would you be able to suggest a way?" So I 've found out that’s engaging in many conversations with people of all ages – most part ranging from 20-year-olds to mid-career experts to late secondary school graduates to early retirees can help answer these questions. Before I move

  • Profile of an Entrepreneur

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    Name: Roderick Smart ID#: 92058153 Course Title: New Ventures and Entrepreneurship Course Code: SBCO 6190 Lecturer: Dr. K’adamawe K’Nife Topic: Profile of an Entrepreneur Profile of an Entrepreneur Entrepreneur Mr. Earl Martin CEO and founder of Island Products Manufacturers Start Date 1992 Industry Manufacturing of Chemical Products Innovation Sale of household cleaners in bulk quantities Background Mr. Martin started his company island products Manufacturers in 1992