How Did Romeo And Juliet Change Throughout The Movie

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The Romeo and Juliet movie does many things to change the time of the piece. Many of the original item have been replaced by newer ones such as how the swords have been replaced with guns and horses with cars. These changes will most likely cause the viewer to connect more with the characters. As the viewer becomes more connected with the characters they will start to become more immersed in the film and are more likely to enjoy the film more. When people like a film the film is more likely to generate more profits, so the author most likely wrote in the newer items in order to try and create a film that would be very profitable. The Romeo and Juliet movie has many scenes that were changed from the play including the final scene and the time leading up to it. One major difference is that throughout the scene in the movie the police know that Romeo is back unlike the play where they do not realize he is in town until it is too late. Another major difference is that there is no fight between Romeo and Paris, and Paris lives in the movie unlike the play. The fact that the parents were going to build statues of the other families child. I feel as though this may have been left out in order to not dull the excitement that is at the end of the movie. I mean is that the viewer…show more content…
Some of this symbols include crosses, the virgin Mary, flowers, and angels. Throughout the film the Montagues tend to wear brighter and warmer colors opposed to the Capulets darker and cooler colors. This was probably done in order to create a subconscious feeling that the two groups do not get along in order to allow you to subconsciously feel the feud. I feel as though the angels that are prevalent throughout the film may be foreshadowing the death that is to come in the story. These older religious symbols may be there to help us have a deeper understanding of the original time period of the
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