How Did The Industrial Revolution Change People's Life

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The Industrial Revolution is a way that machines change people’s life by producing . Female used to make cloth for their families by hand. The Industrial Revolution change that way of life. By the mid-1700s, the population had grown. It increased for efficient and faster ways to make items. Richard Arkwright slow down the cost of cotton cloth, but increased the production speed. The machine was large but needed a power source. A lot of people earned money by doing this or skilled workers set up shops to earn money by manufacturing goods by hand. The sale of extra cloth earned money. Innovation in agriculture, and transportation let to the Industrial Revolution which was created in the Western Europe and spread over to Japan and other regions. This was a big major to population shifts and transformed economic and social system. The had to displaced peasants migration to cities creating work force for factories. One of the most significant effects on the Industrial Revolution was the emergence of the middle class. As the goods get cheaper because of the the cheaper and efficient production of goods, people could buy more of the good, they could buy anything they needed and have money left.…show more content…
He migrated to the United States thought it was against the british law to get out of the country if you were a textile worker. Anyways with Moses Brown they opened a mill in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The machine made cotton thread. It was a success. He made the mill on design of Richard Arkwright. Before the Civil right, textile manufacture was the most important industry in America. However the Industrial Revolution didn’t end in Britain in the mid-1800s. There were new periods in the electricity, and gasoline engine. In the 1850, the transformation was accomplished, in that industry has become a dominant factor in the nation’s
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