How Did The Ku Klux Klan Affect Our Society

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We have all heard about the Klu Klux Klan by now. The famous white supremacist group has achieved and maintained national attention for its aggressive racism, violent activities, rallies, etc. But it was not always the way it currently is. Today, the Ku Klux Klan would be unrecognizable to its founders, due to the many changes it’s experienced since it was originally founded. Contrary to popular belief, the KKK was not created with the intent to spread terror, nor were their original activities. The growing size of the Klan, and the alignment of its values compared to the overall values of America today.
Due to the actions of the Klan it is currently being held under consideration to be recognized as an official terrorist group. But their present
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“the beginning of the Klan involved nothing so sinister, subversive or ancient as the theories supposed. It was the boredom of small-town life that led six young Confederate veterans to gather around a fireplace one December evening in 1865 and form a social club.” (Southern Poverty Law Center Staff) As odd as it is, the beginning of the Klan according to this article was nonthreatening as the boy scouts or a college fraternity. The word “innocent” is obviously one of the last things that we would use to describe the group today, but these 6 young men could have never even fathomed the possibility of their club evolving into what is it…show more content…
Significant members of the Klan have expressed support, agreement on topics with, as well as their personal endorsement of the United States’ President Elect Donald Trump.(“The KKK Today”) It is unsurprising that the similarities of their views of an ideal America were widely noticed and disapproved of by most U.S. citizens. Though it is near impossible to (1) find out if racism was casually interwoven into the original Klan’s ideals without being their main objective, aswell as (2) to get a precise qautitative statistic on how many citizens are racist, it’s obvious that the message America preaches today is “Anti-racism”. This means that from the surface, the original values and ideals of the Ku Klux Klan, did not accurately reflect or represent those that were promoted by the United States, and the Klan today still does not align with the majority of
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