How Did The Levels And Spheres Of Standard Oil Change Society

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"With reference to the levels and spheres of corporate power discussed in [chapter 3], how did the power of Standard Oil change society? Was this power exercised in keeping with the social contract of Rockefeller's era?"
With reference to the levels and spheres of corporate power discussed in the chapter, Rockefeller and the powers of Standard Oil had impacts to the society economically, technologically, politically, and culturally. When Rockefeller was young, he found an investment that would change him for the rest of his life. The Cleveland petroleum refinery in which he invested $4,000 in 1863, was still in its beginning stages. However, Rockefeller was devoted to the oil business, soon becoming one the most successful men in history. Economic power is the ability of the corporation to influence events, activities, and people by the virtue of control over resources, particularly property. The power of Standard Oil changed society by leading the economy to economic growth. The Standard Oil business had built facilities and employed workers. In turn, this had also increased the economy to a fuel related industry. As Rockefeller had expanded the business of his company, Standard Oil also improved and perfected their oil refined technology. In terms of a deeper level of the power, the Standard Oil business sparked the development in other industries, such as the automobile industry. The textbook states, “However, just as electric lightbulbs were replacing oil lamps, the

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