How Did The Puritans Affect The Puritan

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The year was 1630, when a religious group set out for the New England colonies in hopes to find religious freedoms they were being deprived of back at home. In England this group, known as Puritans, believed that the churches needed to become “purified.” Since many churches in England did not change, approximately 21,000 Puritans fled to New England colonies for religious freedom in 1641. Even though Puritans are known for their influence in religion, they also had an impact on political, economic, and social development throughout the New England colonies from 1630 through 1660. The Puritans affected three major ways of New England's lifestyle, political, economic, and social development. They affected politics by having equal separation of power and religious freedom.They even influenced economics with strategic placement of farms and their viewpoint of trading. Puritans impacted social development by creating a close community and taking action in the name of God.
The Puritans needed their own government since they fled England, this resulted in the construction of a government that was based on religious freedom and the separation of power. In Document F, it states; ¨God requireth not a uniformity of religion to be enacted and enforced in any civil state,¨ this proves that the Puritans believed God did not enforce everyone to the same religion which was influential because it allowed the citizens to have the religious freedom that the Puritans wanted back in England.

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