How Did The Revolution Affect The American Revolution

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The American Revolution of 1775-1783 is commonly thought of as one large revolutionary event that transformed the course of America’s history, but in reality the American Revolution consisted of multiple smaller changes and ideas, which later made an impact on America over time. Another frequent misconception is that the War of Independence and the American Revolution was the same thing. Nevertheless, the War of Independence did contribute to a considerable amount of memorable changes in American history.
Disagreement and frustration with Britain began back when the European settlers were living in Britain. A majority of those who decided to voyage to the new world were leaving Britain in search of wealth, yet others were in search of freedom because of their frustration with the taxes and controlling rule of the king, James VI. When the settlers arrived in the new world it was not an easy task of survival, let alone prosperity. Living conditions in the new world were challenging, food supplies were dwindling, various dangers sounded them, including animals, diseases, treacherous weather, and Indians. Even still, after several years of hard work and unfortunate losses, the European settlers were able to establish functional colony, which they called Massachusetts. The colony of Massachusetts continued to grow in the new world yet remained a part of Britain, paying taxes to the king.
Taxes constantly increased with the settlers at the mercy of Britain’s royal monarchy and

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