How Did Thomas Malthus Inspire Charles Darwin 's Theory Of Natural Selection? Essay

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Introduction to Biological Anthropology Exam 1 Name: Sean Cook Short Answer: Answer each question in a few sentences, as specifically as possible. Remember to use appropriate terminology and answer all parts of the question. (5pts each) 1. How did Thomas Malthus inspire Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection? Define natural selection. Thomas Malthus stated that the human population would eventually decrease significantly. His reasoning was that there would be a scarcity of food and other vital resources, leaving only the fittest of the species to survive. These “fittest” of the species would then pass on their traits to their offspring. Darwin used this is a firm foundation for his natural selection theory. Natural selection is the idea that the organisms that are the best suited for the environments they live in, are able to survive and pass on their genetic traits with huge success to the next generations of said organism. 2. What’s the difference between a stem cell and a differentiated cell? Give an example. Why are stem cells important in science? The difference between stem cells and a differentiated cell is the fact that stem cells have the ability to become any kind of cell once they are more developed. Differentiated cells already have a purpose set for them and will fulfill that one purpose once they have developed and matured fully. Stem cells are basically cells that haven’t differentiated yet. Stem cells are important to science because of their

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