How Does A Sleep A Person Needs Lack Of Uniformity Of Individuals?

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daytime hours (Medina, 2014 & Goswami, 2004). Research according to Medina (2014) has not depicted exactly how much sleep a person needs due to the lack of uniformity of individuals, but has focused on what numbers of hours of sleep that disrupt normal functioning. It is suggested that we need to get enough sleep to prevent a negative toll on the body, and this amount varies from individual to individual.
There are strategies Medina (2014) shares that teachers and administrators can use to assist the owls and larks in the classroom. One of the most logical is for administration to schedule teachers and students to match their chronotype to enhance the productivity of both. Does a school have to start at 8:00 a.m.? It is proven that the sleep hormones are at maximum levels in the human brain as teenagers requiring them to have more sleep, especially in the morning. Starting at 9:00 a.m. may be a good idea. Also, it is recommended that heavy expectations are not given when the C and S curves are flat lined. We provide nap time during elementary early years, but research suggests that high schoolers could use nap time, too. Also, according to Medina (2014), when introducing a new difficult topic, it has been proven that if students are allowed to go home and sleep on it before trying to incorporate the new information, the positive results of “capitulation” can occur resulting in positive “graphing” the following day (p. 43).
Medina (2014), Goswami (2004),

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