How Does Achilles Show Bravery

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An Iliad displays bravery in their soldiers because of the loyalty to their country, however, The Trojan Women shows how women are not brave, therefore, the women will not live in happiness anymore. Bravery is shown in An Iliad especially when Patroclus wear Achilles’s armor. He is confident and eager to fight in the Trojan War. His actions establish how he is loyal to his country because he would sacrifice himself to fight in the war. Additionally, bravery is again shown in the book when Priam approached Achilles, who has anger towards Priam when Hector killed his good friend, Patroclus. Priam is especially brave and confident when he approaches the Achaeans. Priam is loyal to the Trojans by bringing back Hector’s body. Moreover, bravery is
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