How Does Advertising Create Standards Of Human Perfection And Social Norms That Are Impossible? Essay

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In other cases, ads may use words or phrases to convince their viewers that they have the same experiences as their viewers and manipulate the viewers to believe that they are professionals in those specific situations. This technique allows advertisements to sell cosmetic and infomercial products because they give a solution to a problem that the marketing producers created in the first place. In fact, advertisements create standards of human perfection and social norms that are impossible to reach by objectifying famous models or other endorsements of influential people. They manipulate the person to believe that their own flaws and physical figure is not suitable for human society. This causes the person to experience a psychological stress of less self-worth. Another key point is that advertisements challenge the purchaser to change spiritually and feel repulsed from society for not having these social nuances. As a result, the person will start to believe that there is something critically wrong with them and become dissatisfied with themselves. Marketing companies use this strategy of reducing self-worth in humans to sell their products as a solution to the problems that they created. However, they do not realize that this effective strategy is causing discrimination, the lack of social skills, and a decrease in individuality, which prevents people from flourishing their cultural identity. Besides the impossible human perfection, advertisements give social values to

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