How Does Atticus Change In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Rickey Williams says, “I don’t think people change. I think the essence of what I am today is the same as when I was five years old. It’s just maturity.” (Ricky, Williams). In the novel, To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, the characters face many challenges in their society and experience lessons that made them different, than from the beginning of the book. Atticus, the father of Scout and Jem, is a lawyer in Maycomb County during the 1930’s. Atticus is given a special case where he has to defend a black man, which creates many problems for him and his family against their town, dealing with racism. In the novel Atticus, Scout, and Jem are all wise people that symbolize a mockingbird. In the book, Atticus, is one of the biggest influential people in the story who always believed in doing the right thing. He was a selfless man, who loved his family and cared for the people of his town. Atticus always saw the good in people over the bad. During the trial, he was hoping the people would support…show more content…
During the beginning, she is young and doesn’t understand much. When her and Jem hear the bad rumors of Boo Radley, their neighbor, she becomes scared but tries hard not to show Jem and Dill that. She says, “ Every night-sound I heard from my cot on the back poarch was magnified three-fold; every scratch of feet on gravel was Boo Radley loose and after us” (84). When she is younger she’s more scared of the world and what could happen. On throughout the story, she begins to grow up, realizing how people really are and after watching her father and the effects of the trial. In the end she meets Boo and finds out he was actually a good person, that was looking for them. In the end she says, “ as I made my way home, I thought Jem and I would get grown but there wasn’t much else to learn” (31). She matures and also finds herself in trying to find out who Boo really
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