How Does Chaucer Use Satire

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Chaucers use of Satire
Chaucer was very unique in the way that he used his language. In his stories you never really understand what’s going on until the next passage. There are two different kinds of satire he like to use. He likes to use sarcasm as well as exaggerated speech. This is important when reading his writing. His prologue is very long but simple and to the point. He was the best writer of his time. He was a novelist before they existed. The satire that he like to use was very sarcastic and he used this to his advantage. He was very good at making up people and the stories that went along with these people. Each and every character had a place to fill in the sortie. His stories were made to either get under the skin of his audience or to improve the knowledge of the reader. His satire in this stories gives understand and passage to any reader or …show more content…

There should have been well over 100 inventive stories by Chacer but only 24 were written. It was not till shortly after that he was well known for his writing. The future along with the past has nothing compared to the writers of this long inventive era. The intervals between the end of paper and the beginning of technology has begun. The past is in the hands of those who wrote for the love and fun of it. The future holds the smart phones and lethargic people. Readers and writers indulge in their creativity for what may happen next. Stories can bring people closer together or it can teach a lesson. We all have that one person in our family that tells us the story of the buggy man. This is just one of many that were invented to teach people a lesson or to reinvent something indulging. Einstein presumed this through the power of science. This brings us to understand that writing, no matter what kind of writing it is, it shall tell a story. The power of words is almost unmanageable to

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