How Does Daisy Mature In The Great Gatsby

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Roaring and Booming, American culture in the 1920’s drastically evolved. Women defied gender rules, money became easier to obtain, life moved faster and faster by the year. This rapid consumer culture drove too quickly and, as a result, caused the economy to crash and burn. Just as society grew eager for new and beneficial consumer goods, Gatsby and Daisy grew eager for each other’s plastic, external qualities. However, both America and these character’s relationship illustrates the fruit-less and rotten state of moving too quickly. Developed within F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, the life cycle of fruit mirrors the spoiled relationship between Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchannan. Gatsby’s longing for the perfect “American” romance drives his …show more content…

Fitzgerald writes on the image of juicing fruit to introduce Gatsby’s and the country’s misuse of something which is nutritious and healthy by using imagery, diction, and alliteration. Gatsby, in love with a fluctuating, wealthy girl named Daisy, consistently longs for a fruitful relationship but always looks for it at the wrong time. Seen in the midst of prep for one of Jay’s extravagant parties, the pulp of fruits is “extracted”, almost like by “ravages”, and viciously squeezed out (39). This juicing process mirrors Gatsby’s view of how to reap the benefits of life’s natural beauties. Jay disregards all the raw substance from the fruits, in the same way he handles his shell of a relationship with Daisy instead of looking at the decaying insides.

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