How Does Divorce Affects Children

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This story of Aniles Arecuk shows the effect a divorce can cause to children. He says, “ever since I was little, I’ve watched my parents fight. It wasn’t arguing, it was more like brutally physical fighting. One day when I was about 8, I was in my little pink bed with all my stuffed animals screaming away. I hear a crash followed by a scream. I ran downstairs to find my mother and father punching each other in their room. I sat next to my brother on their bed. Then my mother screamed, ‘look at what we’re doing to our kids!’ My father turned to my brother and me and yelled, ‘how about that, looks like your mother and I are getting a divorce.’ My heart completely broke in half. I buried my head in my pillow, trying to block out everything.” Children are negatively affected as much, if not more than, the parents that are getting the divorce. Children with divorced parents can cause some problems. According to researcher Sharlene Wolchick, “children with divorced parents are at higher risk for depression and anxiety, acting out, and substance abuse problems”(Verkler, 53). Divorce puts families through a rough time. It changes the lives of families in a lot of ways. Some kids have to move and change schools. Others might need to travel to visit a parent (Mihaly). Some children will say things like, “it’s …show more content…

Mike found out that some things in life improved. “It’s better for my parents because they don’t fight,” he says. “Also, I get to do things alone with my dad that my mom would never do and things with my mom that my dad wouldn’t want to do” (Mihaly). Some divorce can be a good thing for the children because they won’t have to hear their parents fight all the time. Some children don’t see it that way though. They think their parents should be together. That causes anxiety and depression, they blame themselves, and they start acting

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