How Does Golding Create Conflict In Lord Of The Flies

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How does setting create conflict? How does the author William Golding use setting to build conflict in such a simple story about young English boys? To precisely exemplify how conflict can truly build a story. During Golding’s participation in the Second World War, Golding had observed how different aspects of setting could create such conflict. In the Lord of the Flies Golding makes use of setting to indicate how easily conflict can form in which resulting in the breakdown of society. Throughout Golding’s novel, William conveys that setting can create intense conflict much greater that it can lead us to believe. The setting has many different aspects that Golding has established throughout his novels such as social conditions, geographical location, and meteorological conditions. These types of aspects have attributed to the rising build of …show more content…

Jack is a character that Golding uses to symbolize a cruel political leader, such as Castro, Hussein, and Hitler. Furthermore, the social connection between Jack and Ralph is very poor. Earlier in Goldings novel Jack and Ralph had a positive relation and nothing seemed to change that. ‘’We’ve got to have and obey them. After all, we’re not savages. We’re English, and the English are best at everything.’’ (Golding, pg. 40) This quote interprets that Jack was a positive character but assuming that because were ‘’English’’ they will be no evil. Golding portrayed Jack as a bloodthirsty person ready to kill anything in sight which affected their relation. The conflict that up rises from Jacks actions are is desire as chief because Ralph is considered a poor leader and weak. Jack orders a separate tribe from Ralph who emphasizes on shelter construction while Jack wants to hunt. Their differences collide but Ralph fails to keep order as chief and Jacks poor decisions lead to brutal savagery lowering the

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