How Does Hobbes Contribute To The State Of War

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Reason: the stimulant and solution to the state of war In the Leviathan, Hobbes systematically tackles the topic of human nature and it’s relation to a centralized political power. In doing so, he effectively replies to the question of why man cannot live sociably in a stateless condition like other social creatures. Hobbes’ most effective reply to the objection is man’s use of reason in the state of nature. He thoroughly illustrates reason’s role as a stimulant and solution to the state of war. Firstly, I will examine reason’s contributions to the state of war as it promotes competition, diffidence, glory and self-assurance. Secondly, I will dissect reason’s role as a solution in directing man towards the law of nature. Lastly, I will present the strengths of Hobbes’ argument and it’s fallibility due to his radical assumption of equality. To begin, I will demonstrate how reason is a catalyst in the establishment of the state…show more content…
Firstly, I will examine the strength in Hobbes’ reply. Hobbes successfully explains the role of reason in the state of nature, it’s contributions to the state of war and to the establishment of a civil society. He does so by analyzing and dissecting the formula and the variables contributing to the state of war, where it becomes apparent that the only variable that triggers the state of war, and that is absent to other social creatures is reason. Therefore, he concludes that humans are unable to live sociably and in a stateless condition due to their use of reason. However, Hobbes’ argument is fragile as it is highly dependant on the assumption that all men are equal. Removing this assumption allows one man of greater strength to trump over his neighbours; ending their equal hopes of satisfying their desires. This would remove competition, diffidence, drive for self-assurance and glory, resulting in one master and a group of slaves in a state of
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