How Does Images Facilitate Our Thought Process Easier

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From a certain point of view, the idea that “seeing comes before words” is indeed true. Images are a universal language, but before images transform into words, you have to understand what the images mean. Feelings must be felt before words are spoken. One can look at a painting or work of art and understand its beauty and perhaps even its meaning, but you may not be able to vocalize these ideas. There are far more connections to be made with an image than with a single word. Words are constraints but images facilitate the human thought process. The reason why images facilitate our thought process easier is due to the emotional impact. When a person first sees something there is an emotional response that is immediate and visceral, whereas trying to explain and describe that response is a struggle because when you look at an image or work of art, you may glimpse at some larger universal scheme, but that scheme only makes sense to you, in that moment, as you feel those exact emotions, making it hard to verbalize your experience to others. Emotions are universal just as images are universal. You see a picture of a boy crying and humans will near instantly understand he is sad before thinking to put that idea t into words, if they speak at all. Moreover, words only came about after we derived them from images. Without images there would be no words. The first form of communication was through images, fossils, and sculptures. Therefore, the way to understand

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