How Does Language Affect The University Of Oklahoma?

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“Hi, Nick! This is Shepard with the University of Oklahoma and I was just giving you a call—I wanted to first congratulate you. We’re going to be sending you a contract offer of admissions.” (Shepard). It was this voicemail that started my journey here at the University of Oklahoma. When I arrived at the University of Oklahoma, I was unsure what to expect in an academic setting. However, after experiencing several discussion sections of varying classes, I developed a better understanding of how language played a role in academics. Although I knew that my social language would be different in an academic setting as compared to a social setting, it was not until I took English composition that I was fully able to understand the significance of that language plays in education. Because of my experiences at the University of Oklahoma, I now comprehend that, in an academic setting, patience, professionalism, and interaction are all necessary forms of language that must be used in order to fully grasp elements of education that are not written inside of textbooks. With an apprehensive approach, I stepped into my very first discussion section for my Introduction to Business Ethics course. Seeing an open spot, I took a seat next to a young Asian girl in the back corner of the room. Thinking nothing of the fact that she was Asian, I proceeded to set my things on the table in preparation for the work to come. Curious, I engaged in light small talk, asking the girl’s name, hometown,
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