How Does Mcdonaldization Affect The Way Fast-Food Restaurant Work?

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In today's society mcdonaldization has played a main role in the way fast food restaurant work. The idea of fast food is believe to get food quickly but in some case it can be the exact opposite. They are setup in a certain type of order and individuality is not allowed. In fast food restaurant their main focus is the calculability; they are fast and quick and not paying much attention to the quality of food and only to the quantity of food being sold. Another thing that is noticeable about fast-food restaurant is the predictability of each one. They all begin to look the same at every street and it is easy to notice them golden arches and what type of food is there.
The features of McDonaldization and bureaucracies has manifested in the fast food restaurant and has played crucial role in how fast-food restaurants act. The two fast-food restaurants that I visited was Wendy’s and Arby’s. I notice many similarities to both of these fast-food restaurants. When I walked into the fast food restaurant the first thing I did was go and give my order. I notice that the female cashier was asking if wanted a certain type of
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Because this was not a fast food chain, the first thing I had to do was give my name and wait to be seated. Once I was seated, the waiter came over asking for my drink order and if I needed any more time to place my order. Once I placed my order, I waited around twenty minute to get my food. The main thing I noticed was how the waiter were nicer and the restaurant had a different atmosphere. The only similarities I could notice between the fast-food and this restaurant was the kitchen was hidden from your view. One main difference I notice between the chain fast-food and this restaurant, it was more relaxed environment and not as structure. Moreover, I was able to tell this restaurant cared tremendously about the quality of food instead of
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