How Does Montag Use Clarise In Fahrenheit 451

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Clarisse wanted to be happy and live a life where books and uniqueness and creativity were not judged by others, or outlawed. This was a proven issue from two quotes from Fahrenheit 451; “I’ve got to go see my psychiatrist now. They make me go. I make up things to say” (Bradbury 20), and “... I go out and hike around the forests and watch the birds and collect butterflies…” (Bradbury 20). So Montag decided a good way to fix that was to create a portable time machine for her, one hidden within a pocket watch. This way, Clarise could travel in time to a time where books and being unique and hiking were all normal, and encouraged even. Montag decided this would be a good invention for Clarise because she could easily jump between timelines if
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