How Does Obesity Impact Children? Essay

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Jala Woolridge 4th Block November 2, 2016 Part 3 Paper:Researching my topic During my first few days at Roberto Benejam M.D., I was assigned with finding a topic that I wanted to know more about. I wanted to research something that was big that many people didn’t know about, something that could be informing to me and other teens my age. I will say that before I did any research I didn’t think about any diseases or the harm it could cause to one 's body. My partner, Alyssia Benejam, basically helped me with my choices to find a question and give me more info about m research question. After a while of thinking and deciding it finally came to me, “In what ways does obesity impact children?” Obesity is defined as, the condition of being “grossly” fat or overweight. As a teen we have stopped trying to figure out how obesity really works and why does it matter so much. As children we are told that we should a certain weight at this age and this height, Like that is how the world is set, these are their standards. This got me think, what effects does obesity have on one 's body and is it really a bad thing? Some of the main things I wanted to really focus on was health issues, obesity information, binge eating, fatigue, pot belly, depression, snoring and cancer. These are some of the big effects of being obese. I also kind of wanted to learn a little bit more about BMI scale and how it works with height and weight for people.While working with Alyssia Benejam and

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