How Does Priestley Present The Character Of Inspector Goole

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How does Priestley present the character of Inspector Goole?
Priestley has craftily created a dominant and forceful character in order to clash with the Birling family and drive the conflict in play- socialism & capitalism
His methodical and systematic approach helps draw out the tension and mystery of the play
Authoritative, does not get intimated even against Birling’s threat, that Chief constable Roberts is an “old friend” “play golf together sometimes”
Delivers Priestley’s central message of social responsibility
A real mystery around him?
Priestley has incorporated various strategies and techniques of control into this one character
Mouthpiece for priestley’s own views on the social structures of the 20th century …show more content…

By doing so Priestley is somewhat foreshadowing the future events and highlighting the fact that it is the family’s own responsibility to right their wrongs, rather than the Inspector’s (Priestly’s message social responsibility).

Another example would be when the inspector states, “If there’s nothing else, we’ll have to share our guilt.” :
Priestly, through the Inspector, talks of ‘sharing’ to emphasise how important sharing is within a society (link to

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