How Does Steinbeck Build Suspense

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The way people perceive things, can change how they react in different surroundings. Kino interprets that everyone is a threat to him and his family, so he always has his guard up, and is cautious around most people. On the other hand, his wife Juana is more laid-back and calm around other people because the way she sees things is different than Kino’s. Suspense is built around the way people see things, therefore the author builds more suspense with Kino in his scenes. Steinbeck uses a lot of description in his story, “The Pearl”, to build suspense throughout the text. Steinbeck uses suspense in “The Pearl” to make scenes more interesting and show how the characters react in their surroundings. The author uses an example of suspense when a scorpion is hanging over Coyotito’s sleeping area. He builds suspense by showing how Kino and Juana react to the conflict that is happening around them. Steinbeck uses description such as “The thorned tail jerked upright” to build tension between Kino, Juana, Coyotito, and the scorpion. The author also uses songs to build suspense in his story. While tension is being built by the scorpion and how Kino is reacting, he adds the “song of evil” which is what Kino is hearing while the problem is occurring around them. This is…show more content…
He uses description like adding the “song of the pearl that might be” to build suspense on whether or not Kino will find a pearl. “This was the song of the pearl that might be, for every shell thrown in the basket might contain a pearl.” He uses good description by using a lot of detail to describe what is going on in the scene. This scene is more suspenseful because of how Kino is reacting to the conflict, Coyotito needing medical help. Because of Coyotito needing to see a doctor Kino is more dependent on finding a pearl to help his family. This shows how Steinbeck set up the plot by using description to add
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