How Does The Native Peoples Be Taught A New Religion?

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From what perspective is the document written? How does the source describe native peoples? The perspective in which this document is written is in first person in the view of the Spaniards, and written like it was a letter from multiple people to somebody important. This source shows that the Spaniards thought of the Indians as low class non intelligent pilgrims that needed to be taught a new religion. This is evident when the author says the Indians must be brought to the knowledge of the Catholic Faith since by nature they are inclined to idleness and vice. What problem did the Spanish have with native peoples in terms of accepting Christianity? Why? The problems the Spanish had with bringing the native peoples into Christianity, is …show more content…

Another example of this is when the encomiendas are given the task to build a Church. This shows that they are trusted to carry out a duty that may not even be in their best interest, and spread the Christian faith. We also know they also have power because, the Spanish who are instructed to live with them must make a hammock to have them not to sleep on the ground, which symbolizes that they are above the other citizens and not to be treated like the rest for the encomiendas don’t deserve to be sleeping on the dirty ground. To what extent did the Spanish control Central and South America? Give specific examples from the text to support your answer. The Spanish had almost complete or all control of Central and South America, this is evident as there is no mention or worries of other foreigners or other countries trying to control the natives. For example, when they mention that they are going to build all of those lodges shows how much land they had to work with and how they could easily move and ship these Indians with no worries of them rebelling. Name: _____________________________ Primary and Secondary Source Questions Voyages from Holland to America: The Dutch

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