How Does Tom Buchanan Represent 1920's Society in the Great Gatsby?

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How does Tom Buchanan represent 1920’s society?

Tom Buchanan plays a large role in the great Gatsby and is greatly representative of the rich “old money” part of society, and, in many ways what was wrong with it. F. Scott Fitzgerald may have made Tom a villain because of their rejection of him in his earlier life. Fitzgerald has used Tom in The Great Gatsby, to demonstrate the power that men had during the 1920s. In order to understand Tom's purpose in the book, it must be known that he has been purposely set up as a character the reader does not like. Fitzgerald has done this, as he does not like men whose lives mirror Tom's. Tom is a violent man, who is completely in control of the women in his life. He shows how disrespectful some …show more content…

However, there were people in the 1920’s who experienced severe poverty and this is shown in some parts of the book especially through George Wilson as he struggles to survive whilst others such as Tom and Gatsby live a life of luxury with money they will never spend. Tom’s treatment of George in many ways has direct links to the treatment of the poor by the rich in the 1920’s as they exploited them through their desperation, employing them into the

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