How Effective Is Terrorism Is For Achieving Its Political Objectives

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POL 10002 International Politics E. Pasimaloku
Assessment 3: Major Essay
Topic: How effective has terrorism being in achieving its political objectives.

This essay will discuss how effective the terrorism has been in achieving its political objectives and will base its arguments on Political Terrorism by Schmid AP and Alberts J 1988 case study and supported by the 9/11 attack by Webster 2011 and the Siege operation by Cathy 2013. In unpacking the topic, key areas such as history and defining terrorist, the effectiveness of terrorism, its political objectives and quantify why civilians has been the target. The cases used were chosen to support the body of the essay as they highlight effectiveness of terrorism with a whole range of terrorism attacks and history around the world indicating the method used, the group involved and the objective of such attacks. The historical background of the word terrorism is that it originates from ‘terrorisme’ a French word that actually came from a Latin verb ‘terreo’ which means frightened. The word terror is expressed in Rome as an unsettling stage of emergency. It was when the Jacobins lost power that terror turned to be an abuse word in this expression (Rajiv, D 2013). This term of abuse has been on the world stage entwined with a complexity of unfinished definition. It has shifted the focus of state governments around the world to its national security department for expansion and development where the Middle East countries,

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