How Entertainment Has Ruined Society Essay

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In every sense, "ruined" is a relative term. On his third birthday, my cousin Collin received a bright red toy fire truck, which promptly broke after a mere hour of playtime, summoning a myriad of tears from the young boy. In my eyes, a broken wheel on a toy was not the end of the world, after all, Collin could still push it around with only three wheels. To me, the toy was still decently functioning, therefore I didn’t consider it to be ruined. However, to Collin, who could not see past the fact that right at that moment his fire truck had fewer wheels than was acceptable, his truck was unusable; it was ruined. By the same token, the definition of ruined varies from person to person, as the term relates to the condition of …show more content…

Now more than ever, we are susceptible to the influence of these atrocities and we choose to let them over power the glimmer of dignity that those with morals cling to. This became exceptionally clear to me when on the way to church camp, our driver began to sing along to one of these over-sexed songs. There's nothing quite like hearing the woman who would later lead your Bible study wailing "blow my whistle" to open your eyes to societal ruin. With the ideas and behaviors hinted at in movies, music, and television filling the gaping holes where the traditional values of previous generations once solidly stood, it's implausible to honestly say that there is nothing wrong with state of humanity. According to some, this moral turpitude found in so much of today's entertainment and its influence can be ignored, and thus, is not a significant contributor to societal ruin. Most of the time, this is true if one takes the path less traveled and stays strong in the morals that so few have. However, Patsy Byers and William Savage, who were shot by the copycat killers inspired to murder by the movie "Natural Born Killers," would beg to differ. Before the crime was committed, both victims might have been great people who completely secluded

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