The Influence of Television on Our Culture Essay

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Can T.V. shows be the reflection of our society or influence the behavior of the members of our community? Since 1936 when television broadcasting begin, it priority was to inform and to entertain our society; subsequently, a massive amount of rules and regulations were created to control the material presented in TV, which principal goal was to safeguard the moral and ethical standards of it time. Nevertheless, from its beginning to the present home entertainment television standards contents have change; likewise, the moral an ethics values of our society have change and continuing changing from generation to generation. TV shows from the 50’s, 80’s, and the present exposed many changes in the way human role are exposed, the language …show more content…

Not to mention, the tone of language used in the show was subtle, elegant, and proper but with the use of some lingos and discriminating words of phases; like, “knot head”, “kidding”, “island native”, “banana boat” especially from the male’s members of the family; when in fact, this type of language is not conventional and acceptable to be exposed on television in the 1950’s. Additionally, in the 50’s, the sexual content represented in television was strongly regulated; to illustrate, the only form of affection presented in the show was a kiss on the cheek between the marriage couple; in addition, the couple were sleeping in separate bed, the reason of this situation, has to be with the principles of that period of time; instead, they show the husband and wife sleeping in separate bed with not physical contact between both of them. Furthermore, the multicultural or racial aspect was a taboo in 1950’s, for this reason, was extremely limited African-American or any other ethnic characters on television shows. Overall, “Father Knows Best”, is an excellent example of the sociocultural character of the society of that time.
Additionally, television shows on the late 80’s through the middle 90’s, present the same family concept but with a different topic. Comedy shows like “Married with Children” which illustrates a “white” family of four members living in a Chicago suburb area with an antisocial personality disorder, is a typical example of

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