How Far Can The Apple

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How far can the apple fall? If I had a dollar for every time someone told me, “You have your mother’s eyes”, I would hands down be the richest person on earth. Our parents pass on traits such as hair color, height, and eye color, but they also instill traits that reach far beyond our genetic pool. We hear their day to day views on politics and society and begin to form similar values. The American Dream pushes us however, to become an individual -not become a product or replica of our parents. This illusive dream poses to raise a question about the familiar saying, the apple does not fall far from the tree. The American Dream pushes us to roll the apple further- make our own choices and have our own views. If I accept the same views and morals as my parents in life, how far can the apple really fall? In Derrick Harriell’s collection of poems entitled Cotton, readers see the similar values between children and parents or grandparents. Much like Derrick Harriell’s poems, I discovered that many of my views as an individual are no different than those of my mother and father. Humor, wit, and resilience were the three adjectives my father listed when I asked him “In what ways have you become like your parents?” Humor is an attribute that my father’s family thrives on, as do I. This is a trait that I have obtained, and it never fails to help me when a somber or tense conversation is in need of a lively mood. I then asked how he had become an individual, my father answered his
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