How Far Was the Provisional Government Responsible for Its Own Downfall?

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When the Provisional Government came into power Russia was in a state of major unrest. Russia had just overthrown the Tsarist regime, which had been in place for three hundred years and there were multiple groups who wanted to take power for themselves such as Lenin's Bolsheviks, they were fighting in an endless war and losing terribly, peasants where rebelling in the countryside and the people were angered over food shortages. On top of all these problems the Provisional Government was made up of members of the Duma who had no experience actually being in charge or having power over anything let alone the biggest and most culturally diverse country in the world. All these factors played a role in the downfall of the Provisional Government but overall it was the Provisional Government who played the biggest part in their own failure.
When started the Provisional Government was an interim government which was to govern Russia until a new constitution was drawn up. But as soon as the Provisional Government was put in charge it faced the immediate problem of legitimacy. It was made up of members of the Duma and was dominated by members of the Octoberist and Kadet parties, who were minorities with only one radical member, Alexander Kerensky. This would give the Provisional Government the problem of not truly representing the people. If it was made up of minorities how can it represent the majority? The Provisional Government also faced the problem of the All-Russia Soviet. The

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