How Female Gender Roles During Britain Of This Era

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In John Osborne 's 1956 piece, Look Back in Anger, housewife Alison Porter is faced with the difficult decision of remaining in a toxic marriage or returning to live with her parents. Indeed, Alison is the archetype of the 1950s British woman, as depicted in both academic and popular discourse—meek, miserable and resigned to her fate as mother and housewife. While such a paradigm of the 1950s woman has long remained unchallenged, historians have begun to suggest that this stereotype is inaccurate and misleading, and overlooks the complexity of female gender roles during Britain of this era. When reviewing the literature on this topic, what emerges as a clear point of tension between academics is whether the 1950s was a static or a dynamic …show more content…

Moreover, many of these academics even go so far as to claim that the 1950s marked a regression in women 's rights, as women sacrificed the freedom and respect they had earned as active wartime citizens in returning to the confining and limiting pre-war gender roles.
Although it is not uncommon for certain historians to consider the 1950s to be "a period of dullness" for the British women 's rights movement, others adopt a position that actively opposes this conceptualization. Historian Harry Hendrick, for example, responds to academics like Allan and Crow by suggesting that "this kind of writing is in danger of

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