How Gender Oppression Is Throughout The Lens Of Race And Racism

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In this response, I will focus on how gender oppression is exemplified in the lens of race and racism. This paper will demonstrate how Fausto- Sterling, Preves, Messerschmidt, Crittenden and the film Senorita Extraviada have helped us understand the gender oppression itself. While still keeping Intersectionality, the system in which multiple categories intersect to contribute to who you are, in mind. These categories may consist of gender, race, socioeconomic class and sexuality. Intersectionality aids our understanding of oppression, not just by focusing on one variable, but several that lead to social inequality. We will come across the women of Juarez, Intersex, gender regulation of children, gender labor, heterosexuality, homosexuality …show more content…

Hence, bringing the idea of gender labor. When Messerschmidt introduced the background information of Lenny, a 15 year old boy, raised in a heteronormative households we see the gender labor in action. According to Messerschmidt both parents performed gender labor following society’s norm. The father was the masculine one in charge of decisions and the mother, feminine, meant for the home setting. This was when gender, socioeconomic class, and sexuality intersected to play a role in the way he grew up and saw himself. This much reflected to the psychological theories of sexuality of Freud in which Lenny identified with his father to later engage in activities that emphasize masculinity. Not only was this for the males but for females in the households, they were the caretakers of the family and were in charge of doing the domestic housework, which Lenny and his father never did. The female gender in this case is oppressed but the male gender in an unequal white household and expressing the traditional family labor model.
Gender regulation of children was a way to control different background of children to distinct from the two sexes, “Girls in one line, while boys in the other, but for some it was a complicated choice (Preves). Intersex became something that was not allowed

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