How Glaciers Can Alter The Shape Of A Valley

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1. Explain how glaciers can alter the shape of a valley in terms of how the valley looks before and after the effects of the glacier.
Many locations around the world in places where its snows throughout the year temperature stays cold and frosty. This will cause snow not to melt but sometimes creates a firn. When the snow gets suppressed deeper in the snowpack it can turn in to a glacier ice. “Glacier is massive, long-lasting, moving mass of ice compacted snow and ice” (Thompson, 2007). These gigantic moving mass can only be made on land where the quantity of snow is more abundant than the snow that had previously melted in the summer. Glaciers are influenced by geologic forces, temperature changes, and snowfall (RioLearn, 2016). There are two types of glaciers the first type is an alpine glacier and the …show more content…

For example the Colorado Plateau which covers a large area of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah. This region consist of sediments that have mounted up to form what are now sedimentary rocks. “Deeply-formed rocks were uplifted, eroded, and exposed for eons. By 600 million years ago North America had been beveled off to a remarkably smooth surface. It is on this crystalline rock surface that the younger, more familiar layered rocks of the Colorado Plateau were deposited” (Geologic, 2014). Death Valley is part of a percentage of the Great Basin, desert streams to some extent erode the surrounding mountains and deposited. When faulting does not end it makes the valley deeper but at the same moment streams can fill them with sediment. Another process is when tectonic forces create mountains. Prevailing winds, warm moist air rises, rising air generates low pressure, which leads to precipitation and dry air descends, creating high pressure zone creates a rain-shadow desert. (Thompson, 2007). Death Valley is one of the areas where a person can find a rain-shadow

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