How Globalization Affect Public Health Research Paper

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Since globalization is inevitable there will always be challenges that occur in result. One of the most pressing and widely discussed it the impact globalization has on public health. The spread of illnesses through movement of people, goods, and food is more prevalent due to the increases in technology and population. Should steps be taken to limit the flow of goods, food, and people? The importing and exporting of goods and food has always been and will always be. This is the same with international travel, due to advancements in technology more people can travel to more places at faster speeds. Reducing these flows could ultimately place a negative impact on economies of many countries big and small. Some states rely on export of a certain food or for tourists to provide …show more content…

There needs to be more options for health and safety without the restricting the movement of the above mentioned. There are many options that can help to reduce the spread of global diseases. One of the biggest is immunizations. This is probably the most important in the halting of certain illnesses. If the price of these immunizations were to be cut significantly it could help millions around the world instead of padding the pockets of pharmaceutical companies. Lowering the costs would ensure that everyone who is in need can get the protection they deserve. Access to affordable healthcare is another issue for most. Not having financial means should never be a reason to pass on an exam, but we see it every day. If healthcare cannot be provided the public should be educated on diseases and basic sanitary habits. Providing the masses with these tools can prevent so much. A community should set plans for a possible outbreak so that it can be contained and

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