How Golf Is The Most Technically Demanding, High Precision Sport

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Golf is not actively perceived as a physiologically demanding game with an historic view that the body composition of a golfer is in no way linked to their skilfulness, many professional players have adding validity to this notion by adopting less than athletic conditioning (Jang et al, 2014). Contrariwise, Smith (2010) analysed the precise musculoskeletal movements required for elite performance, noting them as significantly complex. Adding further to this notion, Ferdinands & Kwon (2012) expressed golf to be the most technically demanding, high precision sport that exists. With simplified overview of golf it is suitably described as a long durations of low intensity activity interspersed with short duration high intensity activity…show more content…
Power is very much controlled by the factors of force and velocity (Zumerchik, 2002), this fact causes an enigma within a golf swing. Principally, because force and velocity are interconnected by scale, with maximal force and maximal velocity located at opposite ends. Practically, the golf swing has high velocity, however this does compromise force generation. Subjectively, there appears to be a gap in research connecting rate of force development (RFD) and the golf swing. As displayed in the work of Aagaard (2003) it takes around 300 milliseconds for the application of maximal strength to occur, yet on average a figure of 0.2 seconds is required from the downswing transition to the development of maximal club head velocity (McTeigue et al, 1994). Leary et al (2002) appears to corroborate the importance of this 0.2 second timeframe by showing players who create high ground reaction forces within this window exhibit greater CHV. By means of this inference it is not likely that maximal force can be applied in a golf swing. Gulgin et al (2014) explored physiological requirement with a more applied outlook, linking fourteen common swing faults (kinematics to the detriment of performance), as identified by literature, to shared functional screening methods used by certified golf coaches the USPGA. With

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