How Harrison End Essay

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Explain briefly how the novel ends. The way the novel ends is that it builds up by Harrison finally feeling free and happy, along with him getting killed because he didn’t realize that he had all the clues to know who the murderer is which leads him to danger causing him to be another victim. At the end when the murderer were almost exposed, Harrison ended up with being stabbed by a murderer on his way home. He were quite close to see who it was, but were too dizzy from all the running, which leads him be unable to identify the one who stabbed him. In addition, as I interoperated, the murderer who killed Harrison might also been the dead boy’s murderer. While Harrison lies on the ground, he had his last conversation with his pigeon, talking…show more content…
The shady part of London, which is a place filled with thugs and gangsters, where mugging and crimes is look upon as normal. In addition, because he lives in such a dangerous place, the end shows how Harrison ended up dead because he was curious and always implicated in other people’s business. As well as not being a part of a gang, a lone wolf would be a highway to death. He always had go through choices that could lead to a life or death situation, something that normally would not cross an average 11-year-old boy’s mind. Especially for Harrison, since he was from Ghana, leading him to have a culture shock. In addition, since London were a completely different culture, it is possible to see Harrison’s culture shock come in play when he tries to adapt himself with these people and their culture. Yet he does not realize all the dangers that come with it, because he has no knowlegde about their culture, and how everything works in that part of London. Along with, the fact that Harrison was playing detective and “investigated” every clue he had, leading him to have enough authentic evidence to find out who the actually murderer of the dead boy is. Putting himself in danger without realizing he was in danger because he is just an 11-year-old boy, this was more like a game to him and his friend Dean. He could expose the murderer if he looked even closer into what he had found out.
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