How Has Snow White Changed

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Where it originated:
Snow White is a 19th century German fairy tale which has become well known across western world. The first edition was published by the Brothers Grimm in 1812 and since many more adaptions and variations have been produced. In the first edition, cannibalisation and murder were main themes of the gruesome fairy-tale but since they have been changed by society to accommodate the younger generations with new themes of vanity. The first feature-length film was produced by Walt Disney in 1937 and may more adaptations have been based off of these two texts. Since these two adaptions many more versions of the original fairy-tale have been produced by numerous directors and companies.

How it has morphed and changed to take its current form or relevancy to 2017:
The reason Snow White has morphed is because today’s audience would find the original Disney animated movie (1937) laughable because …show more content…

The demographic group of Snow White has changed as children and families were the target audience for the first animation by Walt. The movies and TV shows are now aimed at adolescents or above. Over time younger directors stepped up to produce their take on the Grimm Brothers fairy-tale and since they were more connected by age to the younger demographic they could shape their product to appeal to adolescents and what that demographic would find appealing and interesting. Individual productions tailor their content to be suitable for each demographic group so that their products can be viewed by a variety of

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