The Impact Of Disney Films On Children

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The Impact of Walt Disney Productions on Children A young girl with black hair and brown eyes sees a beautiful princess named Cinderella who has blond hair, blue eyes, and flawless skin. She believes she will never be as radiant and beautiful as the princess because they don’t look alike. Like this girl, there are many cases of Disney films having lasting negative effects on children. Disney influences children more than any other age group since most merchandise and movies are geared toward younger audiences around thirteen or younger. Walt Disney Productions have a negative effect on children through stereotypes, violent actions, and sexism presented through its characters’ physical characteristics and actions. Disney has been …show more content…

After ten seconds, he then asked them to describe how each individual imagined the character. Predictably, nearly every participant described ‘Disney’s 1950 animated blonde Cinderella’ (294-295). This information indicates how severely society is affected by Disney’s films. Sadly, not being recognized might be a good thing versus being misrepresented. A character’s representation is just as important as being recognized, if not more. If a character misrepresents a group of people, it can further influence negative stereotypes toward those people. A prominent misrepresented character in the Disney franchise is Pocahontas. Do Rozario and Rebecca-Anne C. recognize the drawing of Pocahontas in the cartoon animated film makes her the most sexually endowed of all the female forms that appear (51). With the way that Disney presented and sexualized Pocahontas, it leads to how misrepresented Native Americans are and how Disney often misinterprets historical facts in their productions. Negative stereotypes are not just found in Pocahontas but also in a propaganda video produced by Disney named Education for Death back during World War II. It negatively presents Germans as brainwashed individuals who are solely alive for the purpose of fighting in war. The story follows the childhood of a blonde and blue eyed child named Hans who grows up learning the German ideals, eventually becoming a brainwashed German soldier (Geronimi). Despite not many

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