How Has White Patriarchy Affected Black Masculinity?

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Amanda Hurdon 100987702 WGST 2811–A01 Masculinities Essay: How has white patriarchy affected black masculinity? White patriarchy has strongly affected black masculinity in many ways. Historically, as slaves black men were taught that dominance and patriarchal control over women was their right, and an integral part of masculinity.1 Living in white patriarchal society, where powerful white men are the standard of masculinity, many black men may struggle to find an identity which reflects themselves in a society where they are considered “other.” Due to segregation and racism that limit opportunities to embody hegemonic masculinity, black men may use posturing and violence to gain respect.2 Therefore, due to the imposing of white values of masculinity on black men, black masculinity often reflects many of these ideals, while also creating their own identity. In “We Real Cool: Black Men and Masculinity” Bell Hooks writes that African male explorers were not interested in dominating the indigenous people who they came in contact with.3 Domination was not connected with their ideas of masculinity.4 Often, African men did have higher status than women, but did not use status as a tool for domination over women.5 When African men were enslaved, their white masters taught them their 'right ' of patriarchal power.6 Some of these men wanted to be well meaning and kind patriarchs, but many black men emulated their white masters by using violence as a means to dominate women.7 By
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